When Candy Crush meets Hotel Transylvania franchise

 Big studios have a good marketing strategy. When a new movie is going to be released they publish a mobile game about it to gain exposure (and make some extra money on the side). This time is about the recent release of the Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. 

If you don’t know anything about the story of the movies, Hotel Transylvania is a place where monsters from all around the world are going when they want to have vacations but the host, Dracula, is getting anxious when a human wants to stay to his hotel! I know! It’s weird and funny! 😛  

Now the game has little to do with the basic storyline. We start by having Jonathan, the human, as our guide explaining us the basic functionality of the game. And I am glad he is doing it because it’s a little complex with all these potions, skills, characters and items we see. Although at some point I felt a little annoyed to how long the tutorial is. Just let me play! 😀 

There is a basic level-up campaign that you choose your team characters and “fight” with an opponent AI character. That means on each level you have a Candy Crush Board and you move one object each time and connect them side-by-side and..well you know how these types of games are working! The more objects you are able to align the more damage you do to your opponent. Connecting some specific objects gives you energy points to some skills you have that create a more powerful damage so it’s always better to target for those! And you can change your character during fight on more difficult situations! After each fight you get your loots with which you can get tons of upgrades. 

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters! is a good “Candy Crush Saga” type of game wrapped around the “Hotel Transylvania” series that if you like the movies you will probably enjoy. This game is trending right now both on Google Play Store and on the Octappush, the Social Network about mobile games. 

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