Call of Duty Pros Defend Commentator Who Was Kink Shamed

On Sunday night, Call of Duty commentator Jack Campbell announced his departure from the esports scene and his plan to deactivate his Twitter account. Campbell’s love life has become a topic de rigeur for Call of Dutyfans in the past month, in spite of Campbell’s attempts to stave off fans’ speculation. The situation came to a head this past weekend when a woman close to Campbell revealed screenshots of private conversations that implied the Call of Duty commentator has a foot fetish.

The English 20-year-old’s star has been rising in esports this year; he got tapped to commentate for the English-speaking broadcasts of CWL Paris and CWL Birmingham. Last night, however, he claimed to bid farewell to his CoD career in a Twitter video, in which he referred to the screencaps by saying:

“There’s probably so many people that are tweeting and laughing right now that have more fucked up fetishes than I do. You know what? Nobody’s perfect…I’m not perfect.”


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Call of Duty Pros Defend Commentator Who Was Kink Shamed Esports turbulence

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