The Best Way to Improve Your Gaming Experience

When you’re passionate about gaming, you’re never bored. A free afternoon or even a couple of hours here and there can easily be filled playing your favourite game. You can play online with friends, and meet new people all across the world meaning it’s actually a fairly social hobby. But are you looking to improve your experience? Here are a few ways you can make your gaming time even better.

Create a dedicated gaming room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your home, and gaming is a passion of yours then why not create a dedicated gaming room? Dark walls and ceiling (like you’d do in a cinema room) will draw all of the attention to your screen, and blackout blinds and curtains will prevent the light getting in and causing glare. You could invest in some comfortable seating (or a good desk and computer chair depending on your setup), you could even have the room sound insulated. That way you won’t be disturbing the neighbours or your family members when you’re playing with the volume up!

Look into sound options

Speaking of sound, upgrading your speakers is a great way to get the most out of your gaming sessions. Instead of fussy surround sound systems (which can also be expensive to buy up front) why not use a brand like Sonos? Each of their powerful speakers can be used alone, and in time more of them can be added to the setup to create a true surround sound effect. These certainly aren’t cheap either, but you can buy one at a time and easily more to the room over time. Sound will really bring your gaming to life, so to get the best experience from it it’s worth spending the money here. If later down the line you’re no longer as passionate about gaming as you once were, these speakers can be used in any room in the house as a way to play your music. The newer models have Alexa voice assistant technology built in, so you can ask them to play music from any subscription you have such as Spotify or Amazon music. Even those without Alexa still work with bluetooth, so you can stream music right to them from your phone.

Upgrade your screen

As a gamer, one of the most important features in your gaming setup will of course be your screen. A clear, HD screen will enable you to capture all of the games details, massively improving the overall experience. Go with the best screen you can afford, it doesn’t always make sense to pick the largest. Choose models with a high pixel density, and be sure to read reviews. If you’re a member of a gaming forum, see if people have recommended particular models that work well with gaming. At the very least, go into a store to compare different tvs, see how clear the picture is, what the colours are like and its overall appearance instead of just blindly buying. Your entire gaming experience will be viewed through this screen, and so it’s one element that has to be exactly right.

Get the best internet speed

Many games these days are played online. So it doesn’t matter if everything else in your setup is perfect, if your internet speed is rubbish you’re going to experience lag, get disconnected mid game and all of those frustrating issues. Use a website to check internet speed, and if you’re not getting adequate results then consider switching provider. Superfast and ultrafast broadband use fibre is now available in many areas so this could be something to look into. Nothing will ruin your game time quite as much as a poor internet speed, so if you know you enjoy online games then it’s something to look into as early as possible.

Gaming is a lot of fun, can help you to de-stress and fill your time when you’re at a loose end. It might not be the most productive hobby in the world, but sometimes we need activities that are entertaining and not necessarily all about self development or improving our skills for the real world! As long as it’s done in moderation then it’s a fantastic hobby to have. And with these tweaks, your gaming experience can be made top notch.

Do you enjoy gaming? What have you done to make your gameplay as enjoyable as possible?


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The Best Way to Improve Your Gaming Experience

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