The Australian Classification Board Might Have A Problem With South Park: The Fractured But Whole

After being unavailable for a while last year, Ubisoft finally made South Park: Fractured But Whole available for pre-order to Australians. But judging by some of the footage coming out of E3 this year, there’s a chance the Classification Board might take issue with the game.

The scene in question happens in the Peppermint Hippo Strip Club, where the player and a fellow superhero are looking for a dancer with a specific tattoo. The only way to find those dancers is to get into the VIP room. The player starts out by talking to strippers near the bar, but the strippers pointedly tell the player that they’re too young to be in the strip bar.

At that point your fellow superhero says they’ve found a couple of guys and to “just play along”. Playing along then results in a lap dancing mini-game, which culminates in ripping a fart directly into someone’s face.

Read more on Kotaku Australia.

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