“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”

     – Salvador Dali | Spanish Artist –


Let that sink in fellow gamers. Quotes don’t hurt. They make you think and keep you motivated. We can think of a question you have for us right now:

“There are so many existing websites related to gaming, why VGVIDS.com?”

That is a very good question and hopefully you agree the answer is even better. But first, speaking about birds, please help us to fly:

Thanks and well done, here’s the answer:

We at VGVIDS see a lack of fun and creativity in games & and we miss the honesty & dedication by game journalists to give their pure opinion about newly released games and industry developments. The direction the industry is going is not for the better. More & more we see game publishers becoming bigger in terms of stock value and management layers, and more & more we see them releasing turd after turd shit game. Pardon my French (Beast). They put millions in marketing budgets, give away sweet trips to game journalists, and there you go… another yearly released mediocre game with no dedication to Gameplay, but with the only goal of making fast and easy money.

Don’t get me wrong, getting sufficient income is necessary to run a sustainable business. But please let’s focus on Gameplay first. Don’t release semi-finished games full of microtransactions, stripped of game options and functionalities that where present in previous games in the series. And don’t accept this as a given simply because things need to change. Good things don’t require change, they require fine-tuning.

Let’s focus on giving gamers young and old (yes, even a veteran fuck like me) the best experience possible. One they remember. Like how developer Rare gave us days to remember with Donkey Kong Country (SNES) and GoldenEye 007 (N64). How games like Metal Gear Solid (PS1) dominated conversation topics during the school lunch break. How I played Halo (Xbox 1) for hours and hours multiplayer with 8 friends via system link on big projector screens. Memories which not last for 1 year, but for 10 years or even a lifetime. I think it is possible, the VGVIDS.com Team thinks it’s possible, and now we have to shake up the Game Industry to show them it’s still possible!

We have to be critical and honest. And we have to put the consumer’s joy first. We hope you like our website, our dedication, and the community feeling that we try to create here for you. Our goal and ambition is to make this your go-to place for everything that has to do with gaming and the industry. VGVIDS wants to engage with you Gamers. VGVIDS wants to grow with the help of you Gamers. And VGVIDS wants to evolve into the Greatest Gaming Community on the web because of you Gamers!

Let’s shake up the industry together.

Thank you for your support.

Game Out…not Over,

Brian | VG Team

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