Amazing Themed Drones You Didn’t Know Existed

Are you thinking about getting a new drone? Perhaps this is your very first purchase. Drones are great fun, and these days they even come with built-in cameras and video receivers. That means that you can take your drone as high as you like and get an awesome birds eye view of any environment. Of course, you do need to be prepared for the trouble of wind and other elements. However, a drone can be a great toy, and some can even be used inside. We bet you didn’t know you can get themed drones but you definitely can. In fact, the market is filled with awesome options that could be great fun to fly around your home or neighborhood.

Star Wars

Yes, there are a collection of Star Wars drones available, some which are better than others. You can pick up the fighter X-Wing that Luke flew in the original trilogy as well as the tie fighters used by the Empire. There are also those crazy hover bikes that were introduced in Return Of The Jedi, and yes, they all fly beautifully. The same company responsible for these drones promised a light up, fully functional Millenium Falcon. So far though, that hasn’t emerged, but there is a version of this on the market already.

Oh, and we haven’t mentioned the best part. Similar to how Lazer tag operates these drones can actually be battled with. You can fire lasers at opposing teams. Three strikes and you’ll knock their ship out of the sky. Don’t worry, it’s not quite like the movies. Instead of exploding, they’ll hover down for a safe landing. While exciting these drones are expensive, and the battery life available isn’t exactly ideal.

Angry Birds

Are you still obsessed with the mobile game that took the world by storm several years ago? Of course, you are, and that’s why you might want to consider purchasing an angry bird drone. These look like the birds you fire in the game and fly beautifully. They are actually a remote control blimp which comes with a range of advantages. You have a great level of control, and the drones are considerably more versatile as well as lighter which means faster. However, you do need to be aware of issues with durability. You certainly need to be careful with these drones around sharp objects.

They come in more varieties than just an angry bird as well. You can also get a blimp that looks like a flying shark.

Mini Drones

Finally, you can think about purchasing a miniature drone, no bigger than your hand. This drone can be used fly inside without any worry about damage. These drones practically bounce off the walls before landing back on earth with not even a scratch. They are nippy too, and some of the smallest drones are actually the fastest. Cheap and cheerful this is the perfect option for your first drone because you get everything you’ve heard about this type of tech in a bite-size package.


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Amazing Themed Drones You Didn’t Know Existed

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