6 Reasons to Ditch Your Console for PC Gaming

Gaming consoles, such as the Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation, are very popular devices, but have you ever considered playing on a PC instead?  PC games were around for a long time before games consoles and they have had more time to be developed and provide many hours of fun for the people that play them. Console players would probably argue that their games are better, but many of them say that without even trying the PC games. There are also reasons why PC players will tell you that their games are the best, and here are just a few of them.


PC games are generally quite a bit cheaper than the equivalent game for a console. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have licensing and publishing costs to contend with for every new game they release. This helps to push up the cost of console games.

Sometimes, with newer games, you have to pay a small fee, but there are hundreds of thousands of games, some going back till the very early days of gaming, that you can play legally for free.


Even if you buy every game for your console, there is still a limited number available. With playing on a PC the whole Internet world of games is at your fingertips.  Whether you want to play adventure games, puzzle games, in a Bitcoin Casino, children’s games, single or multiplayer games, they and many more types of games are all available somewhere online. They are not hasr to find either. You just put the game you want to play in your search engine, and it will appear, probably on more than one site

Free Mods

There are some very clever gamers who use PC games for practically ever since the games were first played modifications have been developed. Many of them write the code for mods and then give it to anyone that wants it free of any charge. This can sometimes be extra unofficial levels and sometimes total conversions, but you cannot get that so easily on a console.

Changing Equipment

If you update your equipment you do not have to buy new games to go with it. You can just log back into any game you were playing and carry on where you left off. The only thing you might notice is improved resolution and speed on your new computer.

No Charge For Playing Online

With some consoles you have to pay extra to be able to play games online, but not with PC games. You are already online and it makes no difference to the games developers, so there is no charge other than your normal Internet cost.

Mouse And Keyboard

For anyone that has only played console games, the handheld controller is what they are used to. Using a mouse and keyboard is much more fun and more controllable. It takes a little more skill, but that is all part of the fun of playing PC games.

What games you play and on what you play them is down to personal choice, but anyone that has only ever played on a console should at least give PC games a try.

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6 Reasons to Ditch Your Console for PC Gaming

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