5 Ways to Take Your Portable Gaming to the Next Level.

Currently, the gaming industry is going through a sort of revolution. There are more and more developers and manufacturers focusing on portable gaming, and it’s easy to see once you look at recent consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. It’s a machine that is perfectly capable of living-room-quality gaming, but it can also be taken with you wherever you go. It’s the perfect mix of power, performance and gaming goodness.

However, there’s a lot more to portable gaming than you might think. To give you some ideas, we’ve put together five different ways to take your portable gaming to the next level.

Choose your console wisely

Consoles can still be fairly expensive, even if they’re portable. If you want the best console for your portable gaming needs, then you might be tempted to ask friends, family members or even look at reviews. However, the best way that we’ve found to pick out the best console for your needs is to look at the games. If the handheld console you’re looking at has games you enjoy, then pick it up. If there are exclusive titles for a portable console then you might want to look at those and purchase the console to play those games that look interesting to you.

Protect your gear no matter where you go

No matter where you go, it’s important to protect your gaming consoles. They’re fragile, they’re highly sought-after and could be stolen, and they also come with many extras and accessories that also need protection. Check out Backpacks.Asia or a similar website to get sturdy backpacks, bags and other accessories that can help you protect your gaming console and games.

Always carry replacements

No, not a replacement console! Think about replacement batteries, reasonable accessories (such as Nintendo 3DS styluses or extra controllers for your Switch) and even portable chargers. The last thing you want is for your gaming session to be interrupted because of a faulty controller or low battery, so always carry extras!

Go digital and stop carrying physical games

If you want to save a lot of space, then make sure you stop carrying physical games with you. Instead, go digital and get all of your games on a digital medium instead. For instance, the Nintendo Switch has an extra slot for an SD card, and your PlayStation Vita can handle larger cards as well. Digital games can be a little more expensive, but they’re actually much cheaper when they’re on sale.

Invest in extra storage

And if you followed the previous tip, then you may have realized that you can always invest in extra storage for more games. However, you can even add videos and music to your portable game consoles to turn them into multifunctional devices. It’s not common and most of the space should be used for gaming, but the option is there if you don’t want to use your phone for whatever reason.

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