4 Mobile Game Apps That Earn You Money

If you’re a fan a playing games whether it’s on a console, computer or mobile tablet, then you should be taking advantage of being able to earn while you play. You can do this from your mobile with ease, as long as you have the right apps and spend a bit of time each day you should soon see the pennies add up. If you’re playing games anyway, you may as well be earning too. Here are some of the top game apps where you can make money for playing. 


The is one of the longest-standing apps where you can earn cash for playing games, shopping online, watching videos, and more. Mypoints works with a points system that you can exchange for money, the best bit is that once you’ve reached your first $20 you also get a $10 bonus, double your money, you can’t complain at that! Payment methods include a gift card or via PayPal. You will need a minimum of $25 to cash out. If you have any friends that want to get involved too, they have a brilliant referral program where you earn 10 percent of their lifetime earnings. You can claim gift cards from over 75 different retailers on this app, making it the right choice. 


If you’re someone who loves mobile gaming, Bananatic is an excellent app for you to earn from. Not only does it give the ability to win money and prizes for playing games through the app, but it also allows you to make by testing and leaving reviews on the games you play. You’re helping any game developers by testing their free games and earning cash and prizes at the same. A unique feature of this app is that you are also able to connect to a community of other gamers and talk about games, bugs, and game development. It works a little differently as with this app when you complete activities such as downloading and playing games, progressing levels, and writing reviews, you start to receive an in-app currency that you can redeem for digital content, pay for games, and even gift cards.

Lucky Day

Lucky Day is an excellent alternative for those you like casinos but aren’t as keen on the gambling side of it. It brings a casino like an app to your phone where you can earn points and win prizes. You’ll be able to play fun casino games, including slots, raffles, and scratch-offs, to try and win real cash prizes. Much like some of the best online casinos, it’s not guaranteed that you will win money, but at least you still have the opportunity to earn points to enter sweepstakes to win gift cards for places like Amazon. 


Swagbucks is now known as one of the top apps for getting cash and gift cards for completing activities online. The app has already paid out over $500 million to its users in gift cards and prizes, meaning there’s an already proven opportunity to make money through this app. You collect points that are are known as Swagbucks and exchange them for payout for vouchers or payment via Paypay. You can even set up money from using their browser, so you earn money while doing your regular daily activities. 

All these apps allow you to earn money while playing mobile games, surfing the web, and more; however, they aren’t going to enable you to quit your day job. They will allow you to make a bit of extra cash and possibly start savings. Do you have any other apps that you can suggest for earning money? Please share some of them in the comments section below. 

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4 Mobile Game Apps That Earn You Money

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