20 Minutes of Gameplay of Playstation 4 Exclusive Dreams. Creative Director Mark Healey shows off the world building system in Media Molecule's upcoming PS4 Exclusive

PS Underground has released a gameplay walkthrough for Media Molecule’s upcoming Dreams title. The walkthrough lasts for over twenty minutes and it includes commentary by Mark Healey, Creative Director for Dreams to help explain elements of the demonstration as it progresses.

To give you an idea of Dreams, it finds players taking control of an Imp that can interact with the world by manipulating it or creating new items and characters. This is achieved by taking control of the world and having players solve different puzzles in order to reach the next dream world. The game allows online creations similar to Little Big Planet so everyone can create different adventures for other players.

The video starts off by showing us eight pre-designed Imp’s to choose from —although there are possibly more— however they can be customized as much as the players want after choosing apparently. Healey then shows off how using the PlayStation controllers gyro can be used to control the Imp.

We get a peek at some of the modes available with Dream Surfing being detailed to be an area of the game where players can go and play, watch, and have fun essentially. Untitled Dreamer seems to be a social hub which Healey explains friends can catch up with one another. He also mentions that players can check out comments on their creations through this area.

Dream Shaping is the creation area of the game where players can watch and learn how to create worlds, but also edit existing worlds or start from scratch. This is where the video focuses our attention.

When in Dream Shaping mode players can choose from a range of categories you’d expect to see for game creation. Examples can be seen in the video, but expect to see choosing between single-player or co-op, what sort of story it is, what characters, sound effects, and music are included and more. It appears to be rather in-depth.

The world building shows the player controlled Imp that acts as the cursor while Healey changes the landscape by adding props, scaling them up, and adding more terrain. He even shows off how you’ll be able to modify objects by drawing your extensions. In this case, an extra tree branch is created, and a bridge half-built.

After teasing the creation tool we’re shown how the Imp can take control of a character in the world and run around the creation. Healey then shows off how Dreams is able to record animations to create moving platforms for the characters to overcome. You’ll probably recall Media Molecule releasing a video showing off cutscene creation and puppeteering. This is a similar system.

Another example shown is the timeline feature for music and sound effects which expands into the editor. It bears similarities to popular music editors such as Garageband, and Logic. Players can also create their own music with the instrument system, allowing them to use a box to create various notes, and chords in a simple interface. Afterward, these notes can be edited in a keyframe window for precision and corrections.

You can check out an example of a creation from when Media Molecule demonstrated a level created with Dreams back in March. You can view the whole walkthrough of the world building video below.

Dreams will be arriving on PS4 and PS VR but no release date has been confirmed.

Source: DualShockers.com

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