2 Gaming Roles: No Qualifications Necessary

If you feel as though your obsession is all consuming, why not look into the options available to see if you can turn your love of gaming into a job working for yourself. This way, you’ll get to hang out with like-minded people of your choosing, create cool material related to gaming and see it through to fruition without the restrictions of working underneath someone else.

If being your own boss and involved in the world of gaming seems appealing to you, take a look at the below 2 game related roles that you could launch as a self-employed entity (even if you don’t have the conventional qualifications).

Game Developer

The role of a games developer branches off into three different roles;

  • Animator – This includes drawing the characters and scene for your game, and animating the game graphics.
  • Designer – This job includes creating a story for the game, and deciding the objectives and purpose.
  • Programmer – Essentially coders, that ensure the game works correctly.

You may even wish to consider all three roles! If your objective is to work for a gaming company, you may want to prove your computer engineering/science skills in the form of a degree. However, if you don’t possess the relevant qualifications all is not lost, with hard work and persistence you can, in fact, be your own boss and create a game if you really want to.

You should bear in mind, creating a game takes a long time, even with a creative team in toe to collaborate with, which means you may not see a financial return for your investment for a long period of time. But, if you’re in love with the idea of creating a game, are obsessed with details, and don’t like the idea of working for someone else, a career as a self-employed gaming programmer might be for you. You can start by using software such as Unreal Engine or Unity, this is free and compatible with most windows applications.

Gaming Blog

Another option for remaining involved in the world of gaming is to develop a gaming blog. This could be to critique games, talk about the history of gaming, or if you do decide to code your own game, provide how-to guides with screenshots (see how by clicking this link). The how-to guides might include an explanation per each screenshot.

Your blog will allow your creativity to flourish, this is especially great for those who have a way with words, can explain complex methods simply and create content that is endearing to the intended audience. You can follow the steps of how to become a blogger here: add site link.


There are more opportunities available to you than you might think, even if you don’t have the qualifications to secure you a job with a top gaming firm, with hard work and persistence you can create your own gaming role. This is especially important for those who learn better through practical experience than reading theories set by an educational establishment.


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2 Gaming Roles: No Qualifications Necessary

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