14 of the best Metal Gear Games Ranked.

It’s Metal Gear’s birthday again! This time it joins an elite group in celebrating its 30th year of existence. Of course now, the figurehead behind the series’ longstanding success has gone, and we’re left with the meagre hope that the upcoming Metal Gear Survive will somehow be brilliant (or at least not a bit toss). So to celebrate Hideo Kojima’s stealth series’ big anniversary, Our staff has voted for, and argued about, their favorite Metal Gear games, and ranked them accordingly.

14. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (2006/2007 Playable on: PSP)
The first proper modern Metal Gear handheld, Portable Ops saw the basic framework of a Metal Gear Solid title applied, but the fiddly nature of the PSP sat at odds with it. The result was a largely unmemorable Metal Gear, even if it did have the odd juicy chunk of story that proved to be the first of many additional Big Boss tales.

Best Bit: Using Wi-Fi and GPS to find secret soldiers. Like Pokemon Go, but with Russian military units.

13. Metal Gear Solid VR Missions (1999: PS One, PSP, PS3, PS Vita)
Taking the core of Metal Gear Solid, VR Missions (Sold as a separate entity in the US and Europe) went for a healthy selection of bite size VR scenarios that range from stealthy guard aversion to firing off Stingers and floating targets. It didn’t offer much beyond that, and considering the core game had just done something fresh and new for games, this always felt like a step back. A fun step back though.

Best Bit: Beating your best time on a level by seconds.

To check out the full ranking from 14 to 1, please visit Playstation Universe.

14 of the best Metal Gear Games Ranked. A solid task to complete

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